An Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search Heuristic for the Green Dial-a-Ride Problem


This chapter presents a new extension of the Dial‐a‐Ride Problem (DARP), in which a fleet of Alternative Fuel Vehicles (AFVs) is considered. Due to the limited driving range, the AFVs may visit some Alternative Fuel Stations to be refueled with a partial refueling quantity during its journey to serve all users’ demands. The proposed variant is called the Green DARP (G‐DARP). The chapter introduces a linear mixed‐integer mathematical formulation of the G‐DARP, and proposes an efficient Adaptive Large Neighborhood Search heuristic algorithm to solve the G‐DARP. The algorithm is supported by efficient local search operators to enhance the search and improve the quality of solutions, as well as a flexible acceptance function to more explore the search space. The chapter also presents numerical experiments to demonstrate that the solution approach provides high‐quality solutions for newly generated instances.

Solving Transport Problems: Towards Green Logistics, pp. 1-26